You Gotta Start Somewhere... Or Something.

Hey guys!!!! Its the Salvage Chic girls!

Welcome to the beginning of of what we hope you consider to be a super fun journey!!  This is Christie and Cassi coming to you from Salvage Chic MD and Salvage Chic NY.  We  have been talking about writing a blog for forever, and we figure what better time to hunker down and get to it than a home quarantine?  However for those that say this is the time to "Get shit done", you obviously don't have a newborn at home (Cassi speaking there).  But that's for later... As some of you may or may not know, as a mother daughter team, we have been working together for years.  How many people get to say that??  Trust us, we cherish the opportunity and do not take it for granted for one second.  Everyone always asks us how we got started, or what made us want to do this, and we figured now is a good time to break it down in the first blog post of a blog we have been promising ourselves we would pursue since we started this business.  We will tell you before we get started, there will be a lot of run on sentences, definitely some grammar errors as we tend to write how we speak, and a lot of were warned.  This is another venture we are going on together, sometimes you will get Christie's voice, sometime Cassi's and sometimes both....So here we go!

Cassi here!  My mom is the culprit for the idea of this whole thing that has now taken over our lives.  She has always had a passion for design and is a self proclaimed bargain shopper to the bones.  She decided she wanted to combine the two and share her finds with everyone else.  With her creativity and a dream in hand, she went on to open her own boutique, Salvage Chic MD.  I have also always had a love for these same things and would find myself joining her more and more to help her pick things out for her shop in my time off from my "real job".  After a while, people were always asking me "where'd you get your shirt?"... "where'd you get your glasses?"..purse, shoes, the list goes on.  The answer was always the same, "My mom's boutique".  Eventually the light bulb went off and mom and I knew we had to create an online version of the store and reach a broader audience of people.  My friends in NY would rarely be able to make it to the Maryland store, so this just made sense, and just like that Salvage Chic NY was born!

Now it has been a little over a year since we have had Salvage Chic NY and our shopping trips have become even more fun, and if I'm honest, a little crazier.  We both shop specifically for our own client base and include a little bit of our own individual style, but the umbrella vision for the 2 stores remain fairly similar.  This is where our slogan comes in, "Some salvage, some chic...Some old, some new... A little bit of us and a little bit of you!"  Now let me remind you, we shop anywhere, probably stemming from what we like to call my mom's "gypsy soul'.  We have shopped at barn shows (yes New Yorkers, thats a thing), flea markets, estate sales, and even private select vendors in New York City.  We turn doors in to tables, ladders in to chandeliers, old suit cases or trunks in to coffee tables, you name it- we've done it.  We shop vintage clothing to high fashion trends and we have the stories to go along with it all.  Mom's shop is the original store and is located in a little town called Deale, Maryland.  It's a really cool town, and whether you visit us or not, I recommend a trip there for the water, cafes, and local pubs alone.  There is a bar made out of a boat called The Boat House, need I say more?  Salvage Chic NY on the other hand is an online and pop up boutique.  Meaning we take our tent, our finds, and ourselves and set up all over the place at festivals, markets, and street fairs.  We even do smaller pop ups at wineries, hair salons, whoever will have us at this point.  HAHA.  On any given day you can find me in the Maryland store, or mom out on the road with me so keep up with us and come say hi sometime! 

We pretty much turn any vacation into a pickin' trip these days.  Always google mapping the closest thrift store, flea market, or local festival where we can find some unique stuff.  We've crammed more into a car or truck than you can possibly imagine and have become expert tetris packers in the process.  With that being said, the boys ( my dad and fiance) are usually with us on these particular trips so they have been dragged in to the mix too.  Literally keepin' it in the family!  They normally do the heavy lifting, building, saw handling etc but don't let them fool you, more frequently than not mom or I will hear one of them say "Hey guys come look at this".  They have become closet thrifters and I am not sure they even realize it.  They may complain when we spot somewhere we want to stop in passing, but they love it, and they always pull over.  And if there is a vintage pick up truck on the side of the road, forget it, we're pulling over and having an instant photoshoot on the spot. 

My best friend Allison has also joined in on the fun lately, she herself is a professional super thrifter, her style, taste and eye for vintage finds can not be matched.  She is basically a full blown IG model and influencer these days and if you don't believe me, just take a quick look at her personal IG, @Allison84.  Don't worry, I'll wait... Allison has been a huge asset to the Salvage Chic family in many ways, and it doesn't hurt that she's pretty, funny, and fun to be around.  I'm itching for a pickin' trip just writing this post.  We were supposed to have one of our biggest trips of the year coming up in May and I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it's not cancelled along with the rest of 2020! 

 I could go on and on for days about how we got started, stories that have happened, places we have shopped, thrifted, picked, and junked at etc but I'd like to save the stories and experiences for later posts.  Trust me there are some good ones, and Im sure some even better ones to come so hopefully you will be along for the ride.  

What most of you may or may not know, is I am a full time hairstylist in the television industry, but work in all aspects of the beauty world from weddings to commercials to your every day client.  I am also a new mom trying to navigate how to raise and expand the mind of a tiny human in a time where the world is confined and limited to the insides of their homes.  I could stray off on either of these 2 topics for days as well, but I guess my point in mentioning this is I am trying to find the best way to make this blog reachable and relatable to people on all these topics, including the fun things Christie has to say when she posts.  I personally want to talk beauty with you, share some of my favorite products or tricks with you.  I want to talk style with you, some of my favorite trends, outfits, pieces etc.  I want to talk about being a mom and the perfect balance of ridiculous pressure and complete fulfillment that comes along with it. I want to say that its ok to ignore those other judgy moms and at the end of the day, your kid will be fine if you pick the binky up off the floor and give it back to them with out washing it off first.  Read that again.  Seems questionable to say in the midst of a droplet virus induced quarantine, but you get the point.  

Speaking of being a mom, my son is up from his nap now so thats my cue.  We are going to have to cut this short, but we will be back with more on Salvage Chic adventures, beauty tips, mom hacks and much more very soon and I truly hope you will join us!  Scroll for some more fun pics from some of our wild adventures!




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  • What a great blog. It was great to read all about you both. Thanks for sharing.


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