Vintage Value

Author: Christie Hurd
Years ago when my grandparents passed away and we were going through their things Dale and I were in the perfect position to take some of their practical things.  We took their bed (which we still sleep in today), we took hutches, end tables etc.  What we didn't take are the things I now Milk Glass.  My grandmother had the most amazing set of Milk Glass and I was like nope, don't want it and now, I myself have a huge collection of milk glass and am soooo regretful that I don't have her amazing, unique pieces to add to mine.  For you it might be your grandmother's bar ware set or an old wall canvas.  It really doesn't matter, what matters is that is was "Vintage" and was something special that would connect your world with hers. 

We've always been thrifters but it wasn't until many years later that we learned to appreciate and value vintage collectibles and incorporate "Vintage Style" into our home and now of course our business.  Vintage and re-finds tell a story, they have a lot of history.  I absolutely love to walk through an antique store or flea market and find an old piece and wonder what it was like back in the they used it and how I can use it now.  It doesn't matter whether your style is Boho, Farmhouse, Shabby Chic, etc, what matters is it's one unique thing that can set your home decor apart from someone else's.  You didn't buy it in a big box store and your next door neighbor won't have the same thing! It's special and unique to YOU.  It connects you to the past, the history of your family, or your hometown or just your decorating style. 

(This piece used to be a hutch topper and was converted into a bottom shelf piece)
Vintage is fun, Thrifting is fun, flea markets are fun.....they are the best places to get your vintage style on.  You may find that one cool piece to add to your collection of "what-nots" (kinda like my Milk Glass) or you may find an old piece of furniture that your can repaint or repurpose (kinda like we do at Salvage Chic) or it may just be a day of inspiration for you.  When I have a mind block for what's the next theme at the shop, I take a day and go Vintage Shopping and it gives me so many inspirational ideas that the next issue becomes what direction do I want to go this time, lol!  Well regardless of your decorating style, I encourage you to figure out a way that you can add a little bit of vintage to your home decor and help your past meet your present!  Take a walk through your grandma's attic, hit up a flea market or antique shop and just let your mind gooooo!  We would also love to see what you come up with so please send us a snap so we can enjoy your "Vintage Style" journey as well!


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