Top 10 Beach Beauty Bag Must Haves!

Hey hey guys! Summer is in full force and depending on where we are in the country some of us have been able to get out a bit more these days.  Safely i hope of course.  Most beaches have opened up and I myself, though leary, am dying to go soak up some sun one day soon.  Whether it be a day trip, or a nice week long vacation, packing your beauty bag for the beach can be tough.  If you are anything like me, over packing easily becomes an issue.  LOL!  You don't want to lug yourself down and bring too much, but you also don't want to get there and realize you don't have what you need.  I wanted to share with you my top 10 go to's for my beach beauty bag.  

1. Tinted Moisturizer with sunscreen- In the summer heat, unless absolutely necessary, no one wants a thick foundation on their skin.  Try sticking to a tinted moisturizer, and make sure it has sun screen in it for extra protection.  There are a lot of good ones out there these days.  They are nice and light weight but still give you some blemish coverage.  I like this one from Maybelline, you can get it in any drugstore or on amazon.  It doesn't contain any harsh ingredients or oils and has a heft SPF protection of 30!

2. Highlighter, Blush, Bronzer Combo-  Finding a good 3 in one combo of these products is key.  They usually come together in one small compact and take up less space in your bag.  3 birds, one stone.  I like to stick to the ones that have 3 separate squares in the same pallet as opposed to the ones where they mix the 3 all together in that marble effect look.  I prefer them to be separate as it allows me to use my brush one at a time with each to really place them where I want them to be on my face.  Maybelline does it again with an inexpensive one that works great.  I swear I am not sponsored by them, haha.  But this one has great pigment, is lightweight, and longer last wear.  I personally use this one and have been happy with it thus far.  


3. Water Proof Mascara- I have a love hate relationship with water proof mascara but in the summer, I have no real choice.  If you are a water baby like me, you don't want to constantly worry about your raccoon eyes every time you get in to the pool or ocean.  My all time favorite mascara, waterproof or not, is Loreal Voluminous, luckily they make it in waterproof as well so check that one out.  We all know water proof mascara can be a pain to get off, but well worth it in the summer months.  And that brings us to our next item...

4. Make Up Remover Facial Wipes-  I like to have these in my bag for a few reasons.  I usually like to wipe my face off after getting out of the water, just to keep it nice and fresh.  I also like to have them for that pesky water proof mascara we just discussed.  After washing your face in the shower, you will probably still get out and have black under your eyes  since waterproof is harder to remove.  Use a wipe after wards to remove any remaining residue.  Neutrogena makes good ones that don't leave your skin feeling sticky but easily remove makeup with out rubbing too hard.

5. Sunscreen- I hate to state the obvious, but sunscreen is a huge must have in your bag.  I know we have it in our moisturizer but having regular sunscreen for face and body is non negotiable.  Our skin is so important to protect.  And while you're at it, don't forget your lips.  A nice lip balm with SPF is a major help as well.  I love Kiehl's face and body sunscreen.  It is a bit on the pricer side but well worth it.

6. Facial Mist- I love love love a nice refreshing facial mist.  A simple spritz feels so good on a hot day and has hydrating ingredients to help keep your skin moisturized in the heat.  You can spray it directly on top of your makeup, and they usually smell very nice as well.  I personally like any one with tea tree or mint.  This one from The Body shop is my ultimate favorite though, it is mint flavored and mattifying.

7. Pop of Color Lip Stick-  Since we all tend to try to keep the makeup light in the summer, I like to always add a nice pop of color on my lips to complete the simple beauty look.  Eye shadow can be difficult in the heat and can crease and cake so I like to avoid that and instead, put a pop of color on my lips.  You will think I am crazy but the longest lasting matte lip that I have found so far is this coral shade by NYX!

8. Hair Salt or Texture Spray-  This is a game changer beach item for me.  After washing and towel drying your hair, spray some salt spray in all over and let it air dry.  Whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair this stuff will give you the effortless texture we all want at the beach.  Beach hair don't care!  Bumble and Bumble surf spray remains my favorite.

9. Hair clip- I am super in to the claw clips right now.  If you missed my past blog post about them, go check it out for some fun ways to wear them.  But these are great to have in your bag whether you want to just clip your hair out of your face in the heat or do something fun and decorative with them.  They are so cute and stylish.  We have some available at the shop and they are adoreable!


10. Wet Brush- With all the salt in the air at the beach or the chlorine in the pool our hair can become tangled more easily.  A wet brush is designed to easily detangle while brushing with out breaking or pulling.  I have one and I absolutely love it, it never leaves my beach bag!

An unofficial 11th item I would like to add to this list is the actual carry bag itself.  I like a good straw or canvas beach bag that is resistant to the water and sand.  I then keep a smaller makeup bag inside that to keep things organized.  We have a bunch of cute new ones online so be sure to check those out!  I also keep a bathing suit bag to throw the wet suits in. This helps from ruining everything else in your bag with your sandy, wet suit.  We also have some of these at the shop, so cute and practical.  At the end of the day, who doesn’t love an organized bag? Lol... Happy Beaching!!!




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