The Beginning of the Beginning... A Note From Christie!

Author: Christie Hurd

Life is a highway and I wanted to take the ride.... A wild and wonderful ride, a totally unplanned adventure of a ride!  Christie here! As many of you already know, I too was/ still am in the beauty industry.  I have been a Professional Makeup Artist since I was 18 years old (where do you think Cassi got that from too? lol). I have always had a bit of a creative mind, artistic ability, wandering heart and a gypsy soul!  Salvage Chic to me was a totally unplanned, fly by the seat of my pants idea. It just popped into my brain one day after I had held a makeup appointment in my new MD studio in a small little Bayside town called DEALE. We had just moved from the Shenandoah Valley in VA at the time. Now let's be clear, I have forever been a picker, junker, garage sale lover, etc since I was a little girl in the back seat hitting the road with my mom and dad every Saturday morning looking for that "Bargain"!  We have always believed that every man's trash is truly another man’s treasure, or in our case, our treasure. Junking is our way of life. That sounds stranger as I type it than it does when said out loud haha. Point being, I'd rather be at a flea market collecting chippy, paint peeling cast-offs than picking Prada in a gallery mall any day of the week.  Butttt the life of a makeup artist was the path that I had chosen until THAT day in my studio.... My husband Dale is also in the family business. He helped me make, repurpose and repaint the furniture, decor, and makeup stations in our studios. My clients were ALWAYS asking me if these very things were for sale.  Well, finally I had that "aha" moment and thought "this really should be a NO BRAINER Christie!” I immediately hit the open road and stocked my studios full of all the great things our customers were continuously asking about. All the things they have now come to love, and just like that "Salvage Chic" became an instant reality!   Sounds like a fairy tale business story as I write it out in all its seemed simplicity. Our journey however, hasn’t always been easy. We’ve taken a few wrong turns and hit a few roadblocks along the way, BUT we have fought from the trenches with our never-say-die attitude and always DREAMED bigger!  Two years ago Cassi went on a picking trip with my “JUNK GIRLS” and I, and that was all she wrote. As I’m sure you learned in her post, she was hooked after that.   Together, our lives have gone down a path we never could have planned for!  There were no stodgy business plans for this ride, no diagrams or coaching sessions on how to proceed: just a burning passion, and a whole lot of fun, new friendships and starry-eyed faith!   We find character and charm in unlikely pieces, and then chaotically and beautifully mix them with other found treasures and vintage elements to create our own unique Salvage Chic Style. I like to think of it as a little bit hippie, a little bit vogue, and a whole lot of repurposed Salvage Chic flair! We believe in loving what you do, and doing what you love…in learning something from every pit stop and every path along the way. We believe in the beautiful, wild human spirit and that it only grows richer and stronger day after day, year after year. We believe in big love and even bigger dreams. We believe in family, and above all of this, we believe in BELIEVING!  So keep up with us, (no not like the Kardashians, although you have to admire their family built empire as well lol) and head on over to Salvage Chic MD (Brick and mortar) or Salvage Chic NY (online and pop-up). Continue to check us out on our Social Media and our website to stay up to date on all our crazy fun. When visiting us in Maryland specifically, take a beautiful ride on a country road or boat to one of our local marinas...just get here some how, some way.   And when you do, we promise you you will have a it one of our porch parties, wine tastings or workshops, it will be worth the trip!  WE set out reminiscing on a fun pastime, but instead found an incredible life!

NYC pickin' trip!

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