Spring Has Sprung!

Written by: Christie Hurd

Spring is here and it is such a wonderful time of renewal both in your home and in your outdoor spaces.  One of my favorite things about living in Maryland is that we get to experience all four seasons of the year and that includes the weather that comes along with them!  My favorite season of the year is Fall but I relish in the amazing signs of spring as everything becomes new again and the temperatures start to rise as the days get longer.  Spring prompts me to get outside and refresh my landscaping, my fire pit area and my gardens although I really don’t have a green thumb so therefore we have a lot of pots lol.  I LOVE to DIY my pots or plant my flowers in unconventional containers and that’s where Salvage Chic comes in.....I always go rummaging through the shop (and you can too) and look for different types of things that I can put plants or flowers in.  For example, I put flowers in the back of an old metal Tonka Toy Dump Truck and it looks so cute and unique.

 I painted designs on basic clay pots.  The most fun I had was creating a flower pot holder from an old vintage child’s swing and hung it in the tree, soooo cute!  Think outside the box....we invite you to come into the store and rummage through for some fun and funky containers that you too can turn into a flower pot, small or large!  

As for my home decor inside, I use a lot of color through all seasons but absolutely love to mix patterns and flowers in the spring to change things up a bit!  I also swap out my heavy throws for more lightweight ones to wrap up in when i just want to chill.  They also just look comfy hanging over the back of the chairs too!  I like to fill my fireplace with different size candlesticks so that I can still enjoy that evening fireplace glow without the heat.  Salvage Chic has TONS of candlesticks to pick from cause they are kinda my decorating “go to” all year long.  

And yes, I swap out a lot of my wall art too.  In the spring I like to swap my wall art to florals or beach scenes or a fun and colorful truck filled with flowers, and did I say florals lol, my family says I go bonkers with my floral wall art, you may have noticed that when you visited the shop...I just can’t help my self😜.  I hope you are enjoying the seasons changing and the spring decor and colors as much as I am! 

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