Sorry, Not Sorry.... 28 Things To Not Be Sorry For


Author: Christie Hurd
So guys...I turned 57 this week!  That is so crazy to me sometimes cause I am constantly forgetting how old I am, lol, then asking Dale, "Honey, How old am I"?  I have no idea why this is the way it is  but these past few years when I’ve been out in public and am asked how old I am like at the doctor’s office, I always say ummm, let me think and then my husband will say, honey, you are 56. I always say that the age number is just a number and it all depends on how you feel.  (Sometimes my body tells me I'm old, haha)
So today, I can say with (almost) complete certainty, I am finally 57 and with this in mind I am going to share with you guys a number of things that I am not sorry for...some are sill, some are sarcastic and some are serious!.  Soooo,here goes...
  1. Doing things my way.  It doesn't mean I'm always right it just means it's right for me!
  2. Wearing workout clothes to give the impression you’ve worked out when in fact you have no intention of working out.  OK,, lets be honest, they are comfortable and nowadays very cute!
  3. Crying. Once I hit menopause I cry ALOT!  Happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears, it's cleanses the soul ok!.
  4. Not remembering your age. Ahem.
  5. Not being honest about your age. It's ok if you do it but as I said earlier, age is just a number.  I've personally never felt the need unless it was when I had a fake id.
  6. Sneaking that cookie after everyone goes to bed. Because let’s be honest, I'm constantly on a diet and that's what I tell everyone so certainly I can't eat that cookie when everyone else does!
  7. Talking too loud. Confession: I talk LOUD!  When I get Shhh’d, I always say I’m sorry, but I never actually am because I'm hard of hearing in my right ear and the more excited I get the louder I talk.
  8. Being successful. When God blesses you and uses you, you don’t need to apologize for it or justify it. You don’t need to explain it, downplay it, or excuse it.  And I want you to remember...Success is personal to everyone and it's not always about money!
  9. Not sending Christmas cards.  Every year I say I'm going to do it because I always used to, I even buy the cards and then time just runs out.  You know what, who cares.  Exactly no one. The people I love know that I love them with or without a Christmas card.  
  10. Having a messy purse.Currently, my very large purse has also a very small purse and both are crammed full of receipts, 10 lipsticks that we really can't wear now because of these damn masks, a wine opener (I can explain), my grandson's pacifier,  dirty tissues, and at least four shells from our last beach excursion..
  11. Having a messy anything. Or everything. Seriously. Life’s too short to spend organizing, I do try but......
  12. Stealing your husband’s razor, or covers, or chapstick, or anything. He’s your husband. That’s literally what he signed up for.
  13. Spending too much money at The Thrift Store. Seriously, if you feel guilty for this, you’re going to feel guilty for the rest of your life  At least I'm thrifting right?.
  14. Having chipped toenail polish. If you don’t have time for a pedicure, you rock those sandals with scraggly toes in the summer anyway.
  15. Not sending thank-you notes. We all hate writing them, so why do we keep putting this pressure on ourselves and each other?! STOP IT. Say thank-you. Give a hug. Mean it. And then be done.
  16. Having scars. I have a c-section scar, and you know what? I think it’s pretty Bad-A that my body did what it did. You have scars? Good. Scars are a sign of strength.
  17. Driving your car around with the gas tank on E. Or let’s be honest: below E. If you see me coasting around town with sweat running down my face, it’s because I’ve turned the air off to preserve what drops of gas I have left. What I want less than air conditioning or the fear of running out of gas is to actually stop for gas when it's 100 degrees outside.  It drives my husband nuts.
  18. Hiding in the bathroom. Because seriously, sometimes you need a freaking break. And truth be told, you don’t always get one in there either.  Chessie and Bogie (my dogs) always bark at the bathroom door when it's closed cause they want to be where I am.
  19. Loving The New Kids On The Block. I can’t fathom why anyone would feel bad about this, but I wanted to throw it in just in case cause I am a huge fan and have been for 32 years!
  20. Shoving all of the mess in your house into extra bedrooms and closing the door when you have company over. Seriously, is there even another way to clean?
  21. Asking a question in a meeting. Don’t apologize when you speak up. It’s subconscious. You don’t mean to, I know that. But seriously, try to stop. You don’t need to apologize for your existence, your place at the table, or your question.
  22. Not returning a text immediately. And while you’re at it, turn off the dang “read” receipts so every time someone sends you a text, they aren’t staring at their phone thinking, “I know you saw it. I see that you saw it. You haven’t responded. You aren’t even typing. HELLO? What are you DOING?”
  23. Saying no even if you don’t already have plans. You don’t just have the right to say no; you have the responsibility to say no. Your life and your time are not owed to anyone else. They’re just that: yours yet this is something I constantly struggle at but am trying to do better.
  24. Not knowing what you’re doing. None of us do. Welcome to the club!
  25. Bringing chips and salsa to the potluck. Seriously, you know you’re going to do it anyway, so just own it. No one wants you to show up with chips and salsa and a side of guilt, so grab your grocery bag and show up with a smile.
  26. Your kids being mad at you. If they’re mad, then they’re breathing. If they’re breathing, then you’re doing your job. Well done, you!
  27. Not shaving your legs and wearing shorts anyway. The chances someone will notice are small and the chances they will care if they do is even smaller. I say go for it. Let's be clear, your friends that are your age can't see the hair anyway!
  28. Loving yourself. We spend an awful lot of time beating ourselves up, and hating ourselves, as if that’s the right thing to do. Instead, be kind to yourself. God made you. God loves you. You can love you, too.
There you have it: 28 things you should never be sorry for. What would you add?  Leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts!



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