Author: Christie Hurd
Whew….A lot sure has changed over these last 6 weeks.  I mean, let’s be clear, EVERYTHING has changed lol.  We as a country have been trying to deal with this horrible pandemic, COVID 19.  Family and friends have become ill, some have lost their lives, many have been laid off or have lost their jobs completely. We as a small business, like other small businesses are just trying to survive.  At this point some of us are happy to just make enough money to pay our shop bills until we can reopen and invite you in for a visit.  That’s our prayer for us as well as for all the other small businesses like us, because boy do we miss you all!
Here at Salvage Chic we are fighters.  We created our business out of a dream and it’s because of that dream that we are fighting….fighting for us, fighting for our vendors, our shop owner friends, and YOU our customers.  We are digging deep inside trying to come up with ideas on how to hold strong because let’s be realistic, this won’t just be a short term thing.  It could be a while, if ever, that things will go back to normal.  At least a normal that we are used to.  That being said, how can we start to recreate a “New Normal”??  Welllll, these last few days I have really been giving this a lot of thought and I’m going to share just a few things and ideas that we have instilled here at Salvage Chic.  A new strategy so to speak; a creative reinvention of our current business model and maybe some long term additions if they go well.  Here are a few....
1.  Salvage Chic MD here in Southern Anne Arundel County (SOCO for short) can no longer host our Monthly Show for you guys.  BUT we can and are creating/ hosting online sales, FB Live Presentations, a new blog, Christie’s Favorite Things and Cassi’s Closet.  Each of these are opportunities for you, our customers, friends and family to enjoy, actively participate in, shop, and share.  Each of these new opportunities can be accessed via both of our websites, Salvage Chic MD and Salvage Chic NY as well as Facebook and Instagram. 
2.  We started a Quarantine Box!  We love this because we hand pick everything just for you!  With this Quarantine and social distancing thing we are dealing with in mind, we like to think of it as our very own box of Happy!  This particular promo is offers over $125 of retail fun for only $59.  We really weren’t very sure how this would go over, but so far it’s done great!  We SOLD OUT of our limited supply the first week, but have no fear, we have reordered more to fill the boxes with and will be ready to ship out again this week.  Treat yourself to one (you deserve it) or give one as a gift.  Mother’s Day is coming too!  Hint hint!  We are hoping this will be our launch into a seasonal subscription box so just wait and see!!!!  We PROMISE, you will LOVE what’s inside!
3.  COLLABORATION:  We have started collaborating with other business like ours to share ideas with each other, support each other, plan future events with each other, trade product with one another, and yes…even buy from each other.  I always said, If I have an idea and you have an idea and we each share, then we each have 2 ideas.  We are all in this together and something that doesn’t work for me, may work for you and vice versa or better yet, it works for both of us! 
4.  SECRET FUN….We have some fun, future products, ideas, and events coming up so keep checking back so you don’t MISS OUT!!!!  Guys, at the end of the day, we are running a race and right now.  Some of us may want to just give up or close up, simply quit the race.   Well, we are here to tell you to hang in there!!  Have some fun with us online and have some fun with each other because this race does have a finish line so LET’S CROSS IT TOGETHER!

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