Did someone say 90's hair??

Hey y'all!  It's Cassi here again coming to you from this beeeeeautiful Monday morning.  It's about time spring decided to show its face.  I won't get too excited because there is still apparently a lot of rain in the upcoming forecast, but I will take the good when I can get it, am I right?  Anyway, I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite GO-TO hair styles right now that I think we can all appreciate while being stuck at home.  You will all probably raise an eye brow and think I am crazy but just remember, you heard it here first.... the claw clip.  Yup, you read that right, I am feeling full blown 90's vibes!  I personally right now am obsessed with them and have been rocking different variations of it around the house on a daily basis.  I know what you're thinking, we haven't really seen these or thought they were cool since Rachel famously sported them on friends...aside from of course the random women in the grocery store who I think maybe never realized they had gone out of style in the first place.  But hey, maybe they were on to something all along.  We all know trends always make their way back around, and lets be honest,  you know you have one stashed in the back of a cabinet or drawer somewhere around the house anyway.  Who knows, I might be early to this trend circling back but I am telling you, there are ways to make these basic clips super cute in your hair so why not be ahead of the curve!  They make a lot of decorative ones these days too if you are feeling fancy, but we all know you can get them in a 3 pack in almost every color at your local dollar store lol.  The great thing about them is they easily be worn in endless different ways, so you can get a little creative with them.  I find that they work with literally every hair texture and type.  Some of them even have little rubber dots or strips on the inside of the claws for us fine hair folk out there.  If you have thinner hair you can opt for a smaller more fine toothed one, and if your hair is thicker then a bigger claw may work best for you.  I found a few of my favorite ways to wear them and pictured them below for you guys to try at home.  Send me pics of you rocking your claw clips, don’t have one?? Salvage Chic has some super cute claws arriving soon at the shop (I told you, I’m fully committed) so check back with us and let's bring this trend back together!!  What do you think?!  

I love love love this modern spin on a french twist.  The key to this look is keeping the ends popping out of the clip for that messy hair don't care vibe.

Another variation of the french twist here.  I love the diagonal placement of the clip.

Have day 2 hair where its maybe too dirty to wear down but still clean enough to not waste on a ponytail?  This is the perfect half up half down look, and still looks like you tried but not too hard (That's what its all about right?)

This is super cute and chic.  If you are worried about your hair simply falling out of this style after 2 minutes, then use a hair tie to secure the messy bun and then clip the clip in after wards more as an accessory.

OBSESSED with this...Again, the clip is a total accessory to this look, and the perfect one I might add.  I am a huge fan of the top knot so why not spunk it up a bit? 

This is more of the classic claw look I think we are all used to, but it is still super chic and effortless.




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  • ANDDDD, they are on order for both SCMD and SCNY for you to purchase.

    Christie Hurd/Salvage Chic MD

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