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Hey guys!  Welcome to another wild new adventure on the blog.  I'll keep this short ...ish.  It's no secret I love fashion.  I am always looking for style inspiration and a lot of you always ask me where I got a specific accessory or piece of clothing.  Now more than ever I think we are all looking a little more towards each other for that very inspiration.  Nine times out of ten when someone asks me where I got something, it's either from Salvage Chic, been thrifted, or from a bargain store such as Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Target.  Most recently, during my pregnancy, I rekindled an old romance with Wal-Mart, and was wearing the shit out of their maternity line.  I still wear my maternity leggings because who doesn't like high waisted leggings and also, why not?  (sidenote: I am wearing them as I write this).  Point is, practicality and affordability have always been key to me, even more so these days and I firmly believe you don't ever have to empty your bank account to put together a cute wardrobe.  Every week, I am going to play fancy wardrobe stylist and pull an outfit from my own closet and share it with you.  I have always wanted to say that by the way, "Pull an outfit", thats what all the biggest names in the fashion world say when referring to shopping for celebrity clients at Designer stores.  They pull things to show their client and return anything unwanted.  I am not going to pretend to be an expert on that whole scenario and have obviously never done it, nor is that in any way what is happening here lol.  But I am going to have fun with this anyway.  Outside of the world of quarantine, we are all busy.. busy with school, busy with work, busy being a mom, busy doing whatever it is that keeps us busy.  We don't always have time to stand in front of the closet with a blank stare each morning wondering what to wear.  Hence again the point of inspiration to this post.  Each outfit I put together, I will try my best to list where each piece is from and how much it was.  If something is new and current, I will include links when possible.  If something is thrifted, which let's be honest will be frequent, then obviously there will be no purchase link.  But the whole point of this thing is to provide new ideas and a different outlook.  Maybe you will click a link and buy something I show you, or maybe you will say "OMG I have a jacket like that but never thought to wear it with those kind of pants".  ...You never know!  As with any blog post that speaks to you, I hope you will share and pass it along to your friends.  Now, lets have some fashion fun!  First outfit will be posted next week so keep an eye out on IG and Facebook, and as always I love and look forward to your feedback week to week!  Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week and you are all staying safe, staying healthy and staying home.


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