Ground Hog Day The Salvage Chic Way...

Author: Christie Hurd

Hey guys!  We know right now Cabin Fever has probably set in and if you are like us you are probably starting to climb the walls right about now know, those four corners you have been confined to for the past couple months!  Let’s all take a moment to breathe, exhale that anxiety and fear...Keep going, just a little bit more... Okay, now don’t inhale, it’s not safe and you might catch something. ;)

Just kidding!  Sorry, I tend to cope with sarcastic humor.  Let's be honest, if I have to watch one more news broadcast on COVID 19 or social distancing I'm gonna go nuts!  It has set my anxiety in overdrive, so I decided to sit down here today and share with you 10 fun-filled and relaxing ideas that might help keep you sane AND that don't involve being a couch potatoes and bingeing Netflix lol.

Take a walk outside and get some fresh's so good for the soul!  Walk your dog around the neighborhood, take in the sights and scents.  Flowers are starting to bloom and boy do they smell heavenly!  Breath it in deep!  Have kids? Do an outdoor scavenger hunt like the one I have put below!  I promise, fun will be had by all!

Play a game!  If you aren't social distancing with family members, try getting a group together on and play together virtually!  We have played Bingo on a Zoom family call, it was filled with fun and laughter, totally lifted our spirits!  Some of our other favorite games we have played are: Battleship, Sequence, Rumicube and Pig (played with dice)!

Organize a Social Distance Happy Hour with a couple neighbors.  Drag out those lawn chairs, set them up at least 6 feet apart, grab your favorite beverage and share some juicy gossip!  Those of you that personally know me know I love to socialize so of course this is one of my favorite things to do!

Indulge in some personal pampering time!  Guys, this is a great way to wind down at the end of the day... Draw a bath, light some candles, grab your favorite book and a glass of wine and let the stress of the day melt away!  

Do some online shopping!  I totally get it that this doesn't replace the real thing for some of you "Professional Shoppers", but there are some great creative online shopping ideas.  I think Amazon visits my own doorstep daily hahah.  My husband is like "What the What?" ... We here at Salvage Chic actually host a weekly Facebook "LIVE" shopping experience called "Christie's Favorite Things".  (@SalvageChicMD)  It's been a lot of fun and we have some great stuff.  It has been a great way to stay connected with our customers!  We are lucky enough to have some really good ones out there.  To see what other local businesses may be doing similar things, just browse your local FB and IG groups.

Take a Hike!  The parks are slowly reopening.  The parks have trails for all hiking levels from the couch potato to the extreme!  I have been using an App called "All Trails".  You can find parks and trails anywhere near or far.

Take a day trip, what I really mean is take a drive.  Go explore an area that you have never been before.  Pack a picnic lunch, a blanket and your favorite beverage and midway through stop and find a secluded spot and enjoy your picnic.  

Start your own Blog or Podcast, that's what we did, hence this blog post.  We have been talking about this for the past 2 years and finally had some time to do it!  We hope you love it!  We also have a new Podcast in the works that should launch in the next few weeks so watch out for it!  

Do a craft.  I personally started an adorable "Paint By Number" and have totally enjoyed taking the mindless brake and just escaping from reality.   Cassi has been painting furniture.  There are so many DIY things you can do at home to pass the time.  

Last but not least do an online workout.  We have been doing video workouts from Beach Body.  It's a great way to change up your workout routine daily.  I personally love the Beach Body Country get to dance, workout and have fun all at the same time!  Cassi loves the New Mom workouts and 21 day fix!  

Soooo, these are some of the things we've kept busy with, what have y'all been doing?  Please share with all of us in the comment sections cause we really want to hear from you!  We are sending you good vibes, love and hugs!  Things are slowly going to open up and we ask you to please be smart and stay safe.....this to shall pass!

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