Does My Kid Think Iphones Are People..?


Hey all!

Hope you all are staying safe and healthy through what seems to be a never-ending quarantine.  We are still smack in the middle of it as I write this and I keep thinking of that meme from "The Office".  If you know, you know.  :)  Who knows, hoping by the time any of you read this, maybe we will be free and this will all be a bad dream.  (Insert Biggie lyrics here).  I sure hope so, because as you may have guessed from the title of this post, I wondering if my newborn is starting to think iPhones are people. ( UPDATE: The blog has posted and we are still in fact on lock down, sigh).  I mean, every time he speaks to anyone other than my myself or my fiancé, he's staring at them through an iPhone screen.  I thank Apple now more than ever for creating this feature, inventing it or whatever you would call it because if it weren't an option, at this point we all may have gone insane.  I personally don't know what my family would have done with out our weekly virtual happy hours.  Those usually happen on zoom, not iPhones, which I guess means you can loop zoom in with the content of this post as well.  I am thankful that he is able to see my mom or my brother or his other grandparents, cousins and relatives over the screen but I also worry he thinks this is it in life, lol.  This is how you communicate with others...and by others, I mean the devices with the faces.  That is his only people comparison.  Boy is he in for a big surprise when life goes back to normal, or the new normal, and he has real live giants reaching for him, kissing, hugging and pinching him.  I am also starting to wonder if he will become one of those babies that refuses to let anyone else hold him.  For the first almost 3 months of his life, he has only been held by us.  His grandparents visited him a few times in the first month but after that, just us.  Who knows if he even remembers being held by the others?  The others, that already sounds like a Sci-Fi movie.  Christie is terrified he won’t know who she is anymore, I re assure her other wise, but who am I to say?  (He will remember you mom.)  I'd like to think routines aren't so important at this age, that babies are resilient and they just roll with whatever the circumstance is at the moment.  But tell that to a parent who is trying to get their kid to sleep in their own bed after months of being in theirs.  Or someone trying to make the "how dare you" switch from breast milk to formula and the baby is pretty much like, nope!  (Side rant: to be clear I have no judgment on your choice of breast milk or formula, that was sarcasm so don't even let your mind go there.  Breast milk is super healthy.  Guess what? So is formula.  It's your kid; It's your choice.)  Back to the original point.  My nephew is 4 years old, he was probably enjoying this whole "I don’t have to go to school thing" for about 17 seconds.  Then he realizes he won't be able to have his fifth birthday party with his friends in May.  A fifth birthday is huge for a little boy.  Breaks my heart even thinking about it.  Then he realizes that not going to school also means not going outside to the park, or to his cousin Diego's house, or pretty much anywhere he enjoyed going prior to all this.  Key words, prior to all this, meaning he knows of a life that existed before all of this, he also is old enough to know that this will all end and things will return to normal.  But what about the babies?!  They don't know any other normal, they don’t know any different, shit they may be too young to even know anything at all and you guys are reading this like "whatever".  But I’m genuinely curious!  The doctors make such a point to follow the babies progress, is he following things with his eyes, does he reach for his toys, is he closing his fist around your finger.  All the stupid apps pretty much map out the progression of your babies development since the freaking womb comparing them to different fruits and then give you a play by play of their behaviors week to week or month to month once they're born.  So clearly developmental skills are key even at this age right?  So am I crazy to be wondering if my kid is going to relate iPhones to people?  Maybe.. maybe not, who knows.  At the end of the day, God willing,  this quarantine will eventually be over and he will get to do all the things babies his age normally get to do and everything will be just fine but I would be lying if I said I hadn't had these thoughts.   I should point out, aside from the normal fears of being a new mom, I am the furthest thing from a paranoid, germaphobe, helicopter mom.. I mean a changing table is nice, but my son gets his diaper changed on the closest flat surface in range and when the battle is over the end result is still the same.  Clean diaper= success.  Yet here I am, wondering about all these crazy things.  Cabin fever could be factor here but I mean, I can't be the only new mom out there having these thoughts right?  Or am I?  Ehh either way these are legitimate things that are going through my head, and my lamp is busy hanging out with my coffee table today so I can't vent to either one of them like usual so....  (Kidding)… that leaves you guys here in blog world.  You are the lucky ones who get to hear my crazy mom thoughts of the day.  And right now you are either leaving this post seeing my point, or thinking I am completely insane.  There is probably no in between.  But even for those of you that think I'm insane, I still hope you will be back for more insanity, cause there's a lot where that came from!  In the mean time I will be over here doing the best I can do in the ever so challenging and exhilarating life of being a parent.  As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments!  Bye for now! 


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