Create Your Happy Space

Hey guys!  I wanted to give you some fun easy ideas to help you create your very own “Happy Space” In your own home.  Every time I walk into my house it makes me smile and feel like “ahhhhh, I’m home”!  Creating cheerful, uplifting spaces boosts your mood and we all know that feeling good and self love starts at home.  Below are just few ideas to help get you started……..

First and foremost for me is to “CULTIVATE CALM”.   Our home is a reflexion of our feelings and keeping it tidy will help us to stay calmer.  We’ve been renovating our house and many times there is stuff EVERYWHERE and one day my sister said to me, Christie, all this STUFF is what’s giving you anxiety and I realized she was so right…..time to declutter.   My motto now is declutter the space, declutter the mind!  Find a space for your stuff or get rid of it!  It is currently my “work in progress”.


The second part of cultivating Calm was my bedroom.  I turned my bedroom into my sanctuary.  Nothing beats a good night’s sleep and we all know that woman over 50 really struggle with this!   I traded my queen bed for a king, it’s soooo comfy, I don’t have Hubby snoring right in my ear and I’m not fighting Chessie (my dog who likes to jump up in the middle of us in the middle of the nite) for bed space lol!  I also love a down comforter, it helps with adjusting my body temperature both summer and winter as well as I can change the duvet style seasonally!  ANNND, much to my husbands dismay, I love lots of big fluffy pillows to decorate it with! Also a fun blanket draped over the bottom of the bed creates coziness!  My bedroom, my sanctuary!


Ok, #3….Decorate with what brings you joy!  If you love something, decorate with it!  Surround yourself with things you love!  As time has gone on my decor styles have changed but one thing has not and that’s that I love color!  I love fun wall art and florals!  I love painted furniture and I love a bit of the fun and funky.  It all brings me joy!  What style brings you joy, think about that….look around your house, if you see something and it makes you smile, keep it, if not get rid of it and go look for something else that will make you smile!

#4 Bring the outside in!  I love tropical plants, potted plants and succulents!  Some are real and no shame here, some are fake but they all look good and make me smile!  I like to decorate with branches that I have cut from the trees and bushes in my yard, both easy and cheap AND I can change them out fresh whenever I need to!  I also like fresh flowers and I used to only buy them we were having company and one day I was like, girl,buy them for yourself!  Yup, it put a smile on my face, you need to do the same!  The other biggie…..Let the light shine in!  Open the curtains, pull up the blinds, use natural light during the day, let the sunshine in!  It’s refreshing.

Lastly, Put some music on!  Some of my favorite memories growing up were when my mom was cleaning the house and would have the music blaring in the background.  You might as well have some joy when you are doing those tedious chores.  I like country music and love to listen to it when I am cooking so Hubby installed a range hood that has a Bluetooth speaker in it during our kitchen renovation,  love,love, love!  When I’m working a trying to focus I play spa music, I know, boring,  but it does really help me concentrate!  When I’m down I turn on my favorite songs and sing at the top of my lungs, try it and tell me it doesn’t work to  bring back your joy!


Make your home yours.  Create your happy place, in todays day and age we all need our very own Sanctuary!

Author: Christie Hurd

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