Author: Christie Hurd


Hey guys!  Christie here!  Yes, it’s been some time since our last blog post and as I referenced above, we are working hard on making some positive changes for you here at Salvage Chic!  What’s your feeling on change?  How open are you to something new?  No worries, you have entered the judgement free zone here cause we know 1st hand that change can be scary....forging on to that place unknown!  There never really is a right or wrong answer because change is personal and individual for everybody.  Cassi and I have been brainstorming a lot of new ways that we can make Salvage Chic even better for YOU than it already is!  We know that we cannot become what we want to be to you and remain where we are!  We have been sorting through new ideas, a wide range of not only new inventory ideas but also reviewing your all time favorites as well as the best way for us to deliver them directly to you!  We have been researching our past data, our future potential data, going thrifting, looking for new wholesalers as well as keeping a sharp eye on what’s new and trending on social media!   It’s been a bit challenging when you have a long list of all the positive changes you’d like to make, when to make them and how long it will take to implement them....WHEW....I told you that change was scary lol!  For every new idea that we come up with, we know some of you may love it and some of you might absolutely hate it, BUTTTT change is inevitable to grow a business like ours.  Know this however, we always want to make you happy and we truly value your opinions so don’t hesitate to give them to us!  We are extremely happy and busy working on bringing you the very best boutique shopping experience we can!  Below is a list of a few thing that we learned along the way about change and we hope it helps you too!

1.  Change Your thoughts, change your world.
2.  Be the best version of yourself!
3.  Change takes bravery to step out into the unknown.
4.  If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.
5.  A good laugh cures a lot.
6.  There is no change where there is no action.
7.  Stop complaining and be grateful.
8.  Put your electronics down and enjoy a peaceful walk outside.
9.  Fail forward and learn from your mistakes.

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