Cassis Closet Week 7

Hey hey guys, its that time again!  Friday is among us and I could not be happier, even though it seems more these days that every day feels like Friday, no?  I wanted to try something different this week.  Some of you wanted to see some of the outfits on a body, so I figured I would try it on this week and show it to you this way.  I'll probably go back and forth on displaying the outfits for you guys in different ways.  Hope you enjoy.  
This week, I had to share this amazing new open cardigan that we got in in the shop.  It arrived and I was immediately obsessed with it and since I have nowhere to wear it to, you guys get to be the first to see it lol.  It is super light weight.   I chose to belt it because a lot of people ask us different ways to wear cardigans other than just open, so here is another way that I do a lot.  I chose the red belt to make the color pattern on the cardigan pop even more.  On the bottom, I went with the distressed cut off jeans.  I like the mixed pattern and these jeans are one of my absolute favorites, like, I probably wear them toooo much but who cares.  Everyone has that pair right?  I kept it simple on the shoes since there is a lot going on on top.  Normally I would have probably popped on a cute wedge sandal with this get up, but your girl hasn't had a pedicure.  I'm lookin' at you covid... :(  This camel bootie did the trick though, and I like to wear a cute bootie in to the summer with shorts or a cute pair of cut offs.  You can shop a similar outfit in the links below, everything in this photo was thrifted except for the cardigan!   The actual jeans are Buffalo Exchange and the belt and shoes are from Goodwill, believe it!  Hope you all have a fabulous memorial day weekend!  We're almost through this y'all, chin up!
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Belt: Walmart $3.95
Booties: Old Navy $24.97

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