Cassi's Closet Week 2

Omg is it really Friday again?  We made it through another week of quarantine?  This is insanity, BUT I put together another fun out fit for you guys today from none other than my own closet!  I hope you all are enjoying them as much as I am enjoying piecing them together.  Hopefully these posts are giving you some type of inspiration to put together your own looks when we can all bravely step outside of the comfort of our own homes again, lol.  I am teriified to even go to the grocery store these days (rarely do they even have what I need) but when I do go, I find myself wanting to get completely dolled up head to toe just for that short trip.  Who's with me?  Hell, I even find myself wanting to get dolled up just to answer the door for deliveries, and the driver is usually back in the car if not already driving away by the time I even get there.  Yesterday they didn't even ring the doorbell, that driver was not playing around and honestly, I don't blame him.  Anyway, enough about that...let's chat fashion!

This outfit was pretty fun for me to put together, It's sort of perfect for this crazy weather we've had going on where one day its spring and the next day it may as well be winter all over again.  We will call this comfy chic haha.  Let's start with the black jumper, My Fancy Finds nailed it again with this piece!  I absolutely love it and wear it all the time, in all different ways.  It has a semi open back, low crotch ( I feel like I want to find another word for crotch but for now, so it goes) and..wait for it...POCKETS!  For my ladies out there, you know how excited we get when a dress or jumper has pockets.  I added a cute fringed vest to spice the look up a bit.  This vest is so soft and comfy and can be paired with quite a lot!   The detail is super fun on this garment as well making it a statement piece all on its own.  I went for a more basic look on the feet with some cute slides, this keeps it casual and comfy.  But these particular ones are grey faux suede so they are still super chic.  I also love a pointed toe on any flat shoe, i think it adds a bit of flair.  To top it off I went with this two - toned panama hat that I am completely obsessed with.  They neutral colors allow it to really be worn in any season other than possibly winter.  It is light weight and adds some pizazz to almost any thing that you may wear it with.  I love this look, it's stylish, its comfortable, its cool and it's Salvage Chic approved lol!  Check below for details on individual pieces.  

Shoes: Target last season but follow the link to comparable ones. $24.99 

Jumper: My Fancy Finds $32.00 

Fringe Vest: Salvage Chic NY $46.00 (currently 25%off at checkout)

Two Toned Hat: Salvage Chic NY $20.00

Thats it for this week everyone, hope you will check us out next week for more fashion fun!

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  • Love, love, love that look!!
    The Vest is gorgeous, I’m a Fringe gal! The hat… OMG!😍 Do you have the hat in your boutique???

    Treva Buckholz

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