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Hey all!  Now that you have seen the first outfit, what do you think?  I have actually worn this combo together before and I think is a pretty basic casual look that can be worn pretty much anywhere.  The bright pants are a perfect statement piece to vamp up the every day jean jacket.  Especially in the spring when the weather is sort of all over the place.  I love to mix patterns so I threw in the logo tank with the snake skin booties as an extra pop.  This could also easily be taken down a bit and worn with some more simple slides or flats.  The jeans are the perfect mom jean, no really, the label literally says "mom jeans".  They are a little high waisted at the top and cut off at the bottom.  I actually cut off only the front part at the bottom leaving the back.  I personally feel like this lets me show off my shoes a bit more when I do it.  I am on the shorter side, so most jeans are too long for me, but I fully admit this was simply done for the look of it.  The whole thing together is very casual chic and I felt effortlessly put together when I wore it.  Would YOU wear this?  If any of you have anything similar at home post a comment of you wearing it!  I'm off to shop my own closet for another fun combo so ciao for now, until next week folks! 

Check out below for specific wardrobe details!

Jeans: Marshalls $16.99

Jean Jacket: Thrifted

Tank Top: My Fancy Finds $18.00

Booties: Wal-Mart last fall season $19.99



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