A Picnic, Salvage Chic Style!

There is nothing better than a summer lunch or dinner in the great outdoors. The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising and what better way to spend a day?  We love an impromptu happy hour down on the beach or sitting on the lawn at a winery.  We also love picnics for events that we go to and road trips we take.  It is an easy way to save money and still eat really well.  I much prefer to pack my own food than to spend a small fortune at the snack bar or food truck!   We can help you prepare your very own picnic experience with some of our own fun picnic tips.  Here at Salvage Chic, our picnic baskets are coming out and we have some adorable ones.  We love to keep them in stock in the summer and they are a best seller because really, who doesn't love a picnic??   Here are out top 3 tips!

 Tip #1: Keep it simple!

A picnic is all about spending some time outdoors and doing it with people you want to spend time with.  Don’t over complicate the details.  I pull mine together with as little fuss as possible!  

 Tip #2:  What to pack?

Here at Salvage Chic, the first thing we take care of is our picnic basket.  I like to pack 2 picnic baskets or one basket and one cooler. One for essentials, and one for food. I definitely want to keep it light.  Start with a table cloth or picnic blanket, throw in a couple of reusable plastic cups or wine glasses, some cloth napkins, eco-friendly plates and plastic utensils.  OH, and please don't forget your travel wine and beer bottle opener!

 Tip #3: Easy Food

I like to do up my picnic basket Charcuterie style.  I grab a loaf of crispy Italian bread, cut up some of my favorite meats and cheeses, grab a bunch of grapes, a bag of cutup veggies and some dip.  It's really that simple.  There's a little bit of everything and it pleases everyone!  Don't forget to throw some water and cold drinks in your cooler and you are set!

 Anyway you slice it… hanging with friends & having no plans is one of the most freeing feelings during summer. I hope this inspires you to pack a picnic and hit the road for some outdoor fun. A summer picnic is the best way to enjoy the season. Go ahead, pack your baskets and be sure not to forget the wine!

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