A Boho Diamond In The Rough

Author:  Christie Hurd SCMD

A few weeks ago I was perusing through an old favorite BOHO Magazine of mine and I came across an article on a cute little "Bohemian Hotel in Newport, RI called The Gilded Hotel.  I was heading there in a week and I knew I absolutely MUST GO!!!  I put this stop in our vacation itinerary for the first rainy day and as I knew, It did not disappoint.  Guys I was in design heaven.  It was a really easy find as it is PURPLE and of course as soon as we pulled up I was sooooo excited to go in and check it out.  (I did not have an appointment nor had I booked a room lol)  I walked into this amazing space and went to the front desk and spoke to the manager and told him I wanted to blog about his hotel!!!  He was so awesome, he even unlocked a couple of rooms for us to tour.  He shared his knowledge on the decor and the designer, Rachel Reider, and told us they also had 2 other "Boutique" properties in Newport as well.....another blog post for next week.......Rachel's designs were amazing!!!

The Gilded Hotel is in an old victorian home with 17 guest rooms, 2 sitting rooms, several porches and a billiard room.  As I said earlier it was easy to find due to the fact that it was purple and it had a beautiful front porch with these really cool high back wicker chairs AND we were greeted with a Smiling Lion with a purple scarf, love, love, love. 
Walking though the front door I was in awe, the staircase and it's architectural detail was amazing and I loved how they decorated with vintage gold frames up the stairway.  (You see that idea quite often here at Salvage Chic so I was giving it a thumbs up)  The sitting room to the left as you walked in and my mouth dropped it was GORGEOUS!!  It was decorated in jewel tones; teal, purple, red, green and pink; right up my alley.  I loved the teal velvet sofa and the purple seating ottoman, of course the chandelier! Actually you know I loved it ALL, who wouldn't?

The 2nd sitting room had some really cool details, a beautiful bright blue chair, an amazingly cool mirror and a very comfy couch, love, love, love!
 Down the hall was the check in counter/food counter and it was soooo cool!  The wall paper and the pink counter just grabbed my attention!!  I might even put a similar wall paper in my new kitchen reno we are working on!!!  Oh and the puppy, Peanut,  was the cutest thing ever, he kissed me on the nose!

Off to the Billiard Room we walked through the breezeway and caught a glimpse of the outdoor patio, can I please sit there with a glass of wine?  I loved the vintage wall lights, renewed and repainted, gave me great ideas for some old ones we have at the shop!  All the wall decor, chandeliers and accents were really great. 

Our final destination was the billiard room and I could just imagine myself and a few friends hanging out with adult beverages at dusk shooting pool.  The pool table was re imagined and repainted as well and it was beautiful but the wow factor goes to the chandelier.  OMG, Incredible.  Needless to say on my next trip to Newport, RI I will be staying at the Gilded Hotel!  I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!
I hope you enjoyed this mini tour as much as I did!  
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